Hey, I am Petr

a junior web developer

What I have been working on:

image of Kancelar stavebnich konstrukci webpage

Kancelář stavebních konstrukcí s.r.o. Webpage

Finished project of the complex static web prezentation of freelance structural engineer. Done from scratch using HTML and CSS.

image of Alfa Studio webpage

Alfa Studio Webpage

Web prezentation of the thriving student´s theater club Alfa Studio. Done with WordPress.

image of Stepan Mikula's webpage

My friend's portfolio page

Web portfolio for my friend, who is a succesful businessman and first-aid instructor. Made with HTML and Sass

image of Emailovnik webpage

Emailovník Webpage

Emailovník is student social project, which helps people to be aware of dangers of the internet and educates them about internet security. Done with HTML, Sass and PHP.

image of my Codepen.io projects

My Side Projects

A collection of my side projects. Avaliable on Codepen.io.

Contact Me

photo of Petr Kudrnovsky

Hello! Welcome to my portfolio. I am passionate about building webpages and applications. I speak HTML, CSS (+ Sass), PHP, MySQL, Javascript and WordPress. I love challenges and problem solving. Feel free to contact me and we will make it work!